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Note: 4WD awareness days are held on the last Sunday of each month and are for members ONLY.  Visitors are welcome by prior arrangement with the Trip Leader or the Trip Coordinator.

Please note:  Dogs are NOT allowed at Club events.

Please note Club Events have a Blue background. 

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General – Driver and Vehicle CQORC Trip Standard Guide

All drivers shall have a valid and current driver’s license and should have successfully completed a driver awareness course. Club By-Laws shall be followed. All vehicles shall have at least Third Party Property Damage Car Insurance and be registered. All vehicles on Blue trips and above shall carry the minimum recovery equipment and be fitted with suitable solid recovery points fitted to the front and rear of the vehicle. All vehicles should be in sound roadworthy condition.

These ratings are based on the vehicle being a late model mid-sized 4WD and the driver being reasonably confident in their and their vehicles abilities. All drivers must adjust the ratings to suit their own conditions. It is the responsibility of any participating driver who wishes to seek further clarification regarding the grading of a trip to contact the Trip Leader or Trip Coordinator.  The preferred club radio channel is UHF – Channel 30.

Track Ratings

Green Trip – Easy

All-wheel drive, high range and standard road tyres.

Vehicle: Suitable for a standard unmodified four wheel drive (4WD) vehicle in good mechanical condition.

Driver: Suitable for novice and beginner four wheel drivers.

Blue Trip – Medium

Mainly high range, but low range required and standard road tyres.

Vehicle: Suitable for a standard unmodified four wheel drive (4WD) vehicle in good mechanical condition. Front and rear recovery points are mandatory for this trip.

Driver: Suitable for the more experienced driver who shall have successfully completed a driver awareness course.

Black Trip – Hard

Mainly low range and standard 4WD ground clearance; all terrain tyres; driver training or assistance is a benefit. Recovery situations are likely. The trip leader must ensure adequate recovery equipment is carried.

Vehicle: The vehicle should be in good mechanical condition. Suitable recovery equipment should also be carried in/on the vehicle (as specified by the Trip Leader).

Driver: Suitable for the more experienced and competent driver who shall have successfully completed a driver awareness course and with capabilities that satisfy the Trip Leader and the Trip coordinator.

Red Trip – Extreme

Low range and high ground clearance; Mud terrain tyres; appropriate recovery equipment and experience required.

Vehicle: The vehicle will have raised suspension, improved wheel articulation, larger than standard and more aggressive tyres. A full recovery kit is to be carried by all participants.

Driver: Suitable for the experienced and competent driver who shall have successfully completed an advanced driver training course and satisfied the Trip Leader and Trip coordinator that he/she is able to perform in all recovery situations.

Club hand winch: All Trip Leaders on approved Black/ Red Club trips must have a winch on these trips. If the Trip Leader does not have a winch, the Club winch must be carried. See the Trip coordinator prior to the trip.
The Minimum Recovery Equipment consists of:

  • Suitable recovery points fitted front and rear
  • A snatch strap in good safe condition. If in doubt replace.
  • A least 2 rated “D” or bow shackles  (Min. rating 3.25 tonnes)
  • A shovel

Members Obligations While On Club Events

All members and visitors alike, including passengers, are reminded that their attendance or participation in any club event is of their own choosing and that they accept full responsibility for their own actions and consequences. In Queensland under the Work Place Health and Safety Act 1995 all event attendees have an obligation not only for their own safety but for the safety of others.

All members and visitors alike, including passengers, are reminded that although the Club attempts to conduct trips and events in the safest possible manner, there are many changing factors and unforeseen circumstances that the club and its members have no control over.

Each person knows their own capabilities and therefore is the only person who knows if they are capable of participating or continuing to participate in a club event/trip. If any person feels that they or their vehicle is incapable of participating or continuing in a safe manner, then they need to withdraw at that time from the trip.  Convoy Rules and Procedures are for the safety and enjoyment of everyone on the trip/event.